Integrated Healing, energy work and polarity Therapy with Glenda Frances

10 Ways Polarity Therapy can help you

What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity Therapy is a holistic approach to bodywork – designed to improve overall health, reduce stress and alleviate pain from chronic conditions. It is a natural form of healing that focuses on balancing the body, mind & spirit.

Glenda applies the philosophy, principles & protocols of Polarity Therapy to her integrated healing sessions (both remotely or in-person).

Here are 10 ways Polarity Therapy can help you:

1.    Seeking Motivation

‘Inspire your mind’ – mental health

Ahh, I  hear you say: “If only I felt motivated!” We tend to look for motivation outside of ourselves when the best way to be motivated is to know ‘where you are’ in relation to ‘what you want’ & ‘where you want to be’.

Realising this difference can place us in the ‘driver’s seat’ of our own life – being motivated from within rather than depending on external motivation which often doesn’t fit or have any lasting effect. Connecting to who we are and want we want results in inspired action, so you feel integrated and aligned in your quest to be motivated. Give yourself a reboot with an Integrated Healing session to re-energise your body and revitalise your spirit.

An Integrated Healing session combines Polarity Therapy, Holistic Coaching and several other modalities to help you get ‘back on track’, feeling motivated again!

2.    Support through Overwhelming Grief

‘Energise your spirit’ –  mental health

The experience of grief is more common than we realise. Everyone has experienced grief in some form, following loss or a traumatic event. The person can feel different, even fragmented.  They may feel there is an empty space inside, no longer feeling whole – as if something is missing. 

Symptoms of loss are many and varied and can present as something quite different to grief, so can be misunderstood or not easily identified. A holistic approach is recommended to facilitate healing of any emotional, mental, physical & spiritual effects of loss & grief experiences – for example:

  •  Integrated Healing: addressing stuck emotions and assisting the release of memories with attached emotions.
  • Holistic Coaching: for awareness of mental/emotional aspects of grief – identifying persistent emotions and thoughts that need acknowledgement, including  consideration of previous experiences of grief, as well as identifying the triggers to this experience of grief.

This integrated approach can help alleviate negative energies from the body so the person can return to a level of homeostasis needed for recovery from the grief and loss of a traumatic life event.

3.    Releasing trauma from the body (past, recent or present event)

‘Energise your spirit’ – General health & wellbeing

The Polarity Therapist provides a holistic approach to your general health & well-being. The aim of healing trauma is assisting the person to:

  • return to safety, peace and resilience;
  • reunite the traumatised part back to its essence & source;
  • return to joy and peace;
  • integrate body, mind and spirit;
  • move from ‘then and there’ to ‘here and now’; and
  • establish a strong sense of self with the rhythm of life.

The brain can only create positive networks when the person is feeling safe and relaxed, so the body needs to know ‘the storm is over’. An integrated approach which includes body therapy and holistic coaching is recommended,  to assist recalibration of the whole self for a return to peace & safety.

4.    Stress relief

Energise your spirit’ – mental health

When stressed and in reaction, people can feel caught between ‘fight & flight’ (do I run or do I fight) or sometimes, a ‘freeze’ mode. Either one, the person is functioning in ‘survival mode’.  Stress hormones are produced by such reactions, so the body needs help to recover and restore its natural balance.

As stress causes toxic symptoms which are psychological as well as physical – prolonged stress can result in depression or disease. An Energy Balance can help restore equilibrium and a general sense of well-being in body, mind & spirit. Regular physical exercise, healthy eating & relaxation are some simple ways to prevent and manage stress.

5.    Recovery from surgery

‘Energise your spirit’ – general health & wellbeing

Any surgery is experienced as a trauma to the body. Even when an operation is successful, the whole person needs support to fully recover and recuperate from the surgery. This requires mental, emotional as well as physical support. When the body is cut, the flow of energy, blood & oxygen is disrupted and blockages can occur. An Energy Balance can assist the body to heal, emotions to settle and the mind relax. All are necessary to bring about recovery in an integrated way, as each supports the other.

6.    Recovery from an illness or accident

‘Energise your spirit’ – general health & wellbeing

An Integrated Healing Session is a holistic approach to health & wellbeing for recuperation. The body’s organs, systems, energetic fields, structure or function, can be adversely affected as a result of illness or an accident. To fully recover, the person needs to be supported emotionally, physically, mentally & spiritually. 

7.    Calm relaxed mind and body

‘Energise your spirit’ – general health & wellbeing, mental health

When the body is tense and the mind is busy, toxins & blockages can occur in the joints so energy, blood & oxygen are not able to flow freely throughout the body. An Energy Balance can assist the mind and body to relax and let go of any held tension or anxiety. Once the person is relaxed, a calmness is restored to the mind, body & emotions. The body’s intelligence is free to do any healing work required for an overall sense of wellbeing.

8.      Pain Relief

‘Energise your spirit’ – general health & wellbeing

When the body is in pain because it can’t let go of worry & anxiety, or due to illness or injury – healthful relaxation is difficult to achieve although necessary for healing.  An Integrative Body Therapy session can help to reduce pain experienced anywhere in the body and shift the mind’s attention to focus on health & wellbeing.

9.      Improved Sleep

‘Energise your spirit’ – general health & wellbeing

An Energy Balance can help settle emotions, as well as relax the mind & body to improve sleep. Due to a busy lifestyle & active mind, we sometimes need assistance to turn off and  slow down to rest & recover. Many clients have commented on improved sleep following a session. As they leave, clients express feeling both relaxed as well as energised.

10.  Clarity of Purpose with a Clear Direction

‘Inspire your mind & energise your spirit’ – mental health

An Integrated Body Therapy session is a holistic approach to creating what you want. It  involves both Coaching and hands-on Healing. Coaching helps you get clear about what you want as well as what is getting in the way of creating what you want – in your life and health. Body Therapy is about balancing this clarity in the body for integration & alignment. Customers report experiencing clarity of purpose with a clear direction and action to take.

Book a an Integrated Healing session to experience the benefits for yourself. You can also book a free call with Glenda to discuss your specific needs and decide if this is the right approach for you.

What our clients say...

“I experienced your gentle and steady focus, felt nurtured and cared for. I felt you held the space strongly enough for me to be fully present in whatever energies you were calling in.”

G. Stern Bellingen

“During the Body Intelligence treatment with Glenda, I experienced a remarkable shift in my state of being – from stress, to peace of mind and calmness. Her caring, wisdom and gentle application of a number of procedures allowed my body and mind to respond and return to balance with ease. Thank you Glenda, for bringing your unique gifts and application to this therapy”.

S. Bennett Brisbane

'Highly intuitive' is the first phrase that comes to mind when I think about Glenda, along with 'thorough and well-prepared'. I've had the pleasure of her expert coaching and whole-hearted contribution to several personal/professional support groups over the past 15 years that we've known each other. I always leave our interactions feeling affirmed and energised, clearer about the past and what it's taught me, and more optimistic as I look to the future. I'm in awe of her ability to respectfully push the boundaries of what I think is possible, and I'm grateful for all of the times she has challenged me to embrace a bigger vision."

K. Huchendorf Coffs Coast