About Bodysoul Energy

Meet our team

Bodysoul Energy was created by Glenda Frances & Martin Willis

In their senior years, both Glenda and Martin enjoy health & wellbeing and wish to share what they have discovered with others.

These offerings take the form of Holistic Coaching, Integrated Healing & Polarity Therapy; Astrology, Sound Therapy & Spirituality Workshops.

Glenda is passionate about supporting your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health & wellbeing. She offers individual sessions as well as group classes & workshops to facilitate learning, personal & spiritual development and healing.

Martin loves to apply his knowledge & experience of sound and movement, to energise the body and calm the mind. Tai Chi & Qigong classes are included in our customised Retreats. Martin also offers workshops on Astrology & Health as well as Sound Therapy.

Bodysoul Energy is the result of our vision to create a space for healing & wellbeing

“Our combined interest in health & wellbeing, personal & spiritual development, as well as energy & healing, martial arts, astrology & sound – have shaped what we offer.

The aim of Bodysoul Energy is restoration of body, mind & spirit.We have pursued these interests over the years and possess a strong desire to share the benefits of what we have learnt and experienced with others.”

Glenda & Martin

Connecting body & soul

A heart-centred space

‘Bodysoul Energy’ is about what we offer – to facilitate ‘connecting body & soul’ via Holistic Coaching, Integrated Healing & Polarity Therapy, as well as specific exercises to promote general health & wellbeing.

Our clients come from local, regional & city areas within NSW, as well as from interstate & overseas.

People who choose our services, express a desire for optimal health and wish to improve their quality of life.

Our exercises are suitable for Seniors

We are seniors too! Our personalised programs are for anyone interested in holistic health for their mental, physical, emotional & spiritual wellbeing, in creating a sustainable lifestyle.

What makes our services unique, is a total focus on holistic health & wellbeing. Our offerings are accessible for seniors as well as people with limited movement as a result of conditions or injury (depending on your health professional’s advice). 

Clients can expect to gain life-shifting insights for vitality & well-being, as well as tools & techniques for self-help, healing and on-going maintenance.

What we offer

  • Holistic Coaching for individual personal & professional development, in addition to group workshops with themes of Energy, Astrology, Sound Therapy, Healing & Spirituality to inspire your mind,


  • Individual Integrated Healing Sessions, (which combine the benefits of Energy Healing, Polarity Therapy and Holistic Coaching), as well as Personalised Retreats to help energise your spirit,


  • Polarity Yoga Exercises & Stretches are part of individual session, also included in Retreats, including Tai Chi & Qigong to move your body.

Move your body,
inspire your mind,
energise your spirit.