About Martin

Hi! I’m Martin,

Sound has always played a big part in my life.

From singing in choirs from the age of 5, I developed a love and appreciation of making music and harnessing energy for uplifting the spirit.

In pursuing a career in Engineering, I developed an interest in computer science & programming which I have applied to the areas of music, sound & astrology. I have been described as a ‘bohemian business person’ with various interests, including farming.

Over the past 20 years, I have completed numerous Personal, Professional & Spiritual development courses.

While at university, I began to practice martial arts and its associated practical aspects of energy healing for health & wellbeing. Study & practice of natural therapies such as Kinesiology, Polarity Therapy and Yoga, have been a focus in recent years.

I offer Tai Chi & Qigong as part of the Retreats we offer, so others can benefit from these practices.

Workshops also cover areas of interest: The Power of Sound; Astrology & Health.

Clients report an energised peace, calm relaxation, and enhanced awareness.

Together with Glenda, we deliver events, including retreats in Australia & overseas – to help move your body, inspire your mind & energise your spirit.

We also offer customised packages, programs for education, healing & wellbeing for individuals, couples & small groups.

Martin Willis

Tai Chi & Qi Gong instructor, Sound Facilitator,
Wellness Astrology Consultant, Workshop Facilitator

Kinesiology | Polarity Therapy (Advanced Certificate)
BA Civil Engineering

Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Energy Healing with Martin Willis.

Martin loves to apply his knowledge & experience of sound and movement, to energise the body and calm the mind. Tai Chi & Qigong classes are included in our customised Retreats.

Martin also offers workshops on Astrology & Health as well as Sound Therapy.

What our clients say about Martin

“Glenda and Martin had brought and shared their beautiful energy to the community on the happy islands of Vanuatu. I have heard and seen so much of the appreciation and shifts in energy of attendants to their yoga and Tai Chi classes, energetic workshops and healing sessions. You have inspired a lot people here for the better and a more conscious lifestyle. Thank you very much for coming and sharing with us”

Tu Pham Founder and Therapist of Ananda Yoga and Healing Center, Port Vila, Vanuatu

“My 5 day wellness retreat with Glenda and Martin was truly a healing and enlightening experience. From Tai Chi, Polarity Yoga & specific strength exercises to mental and spiritual issues being addressed - gave me faith and confidence to move forward from a very dark place. I recommend this personally-tailored program to people experiencing depression, addiction, stress, lethargy, sadness or just to ‘rebalance’ and focus for one to move forward”.

M. Barltley Sydney, Australia

“I recently did a Mini Retreat with Glenda & Martin of Bodysoul Energy at Sawtell. It involved morning exercise sessions (Polarity Yoga, Qigong & Tai Chi) as well as daily treatments over 5 days. In addition, Glenda gave me specific exercise routines for my stiff knee problems which I have continued to practice. The improvement has been amazing – I can now stand up from both a kneeling or sitting position respectively - just like everyone else. I am so happy with the ongoing changes and highly recommend her tailored therapy”.

Margaret W. Sydney, Australia