Integrated Healing

An Integrated Healing Session combines the benefits of Energy Healing, Polarity Therapy & Holistic Coaching

Focusing on your specific needs on a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level, the session is a holistic approach to health, healing & wellbeing.

Polarity Therapy — both an art & science to balance and promote energy flow

Polarity Therapy is a form of energy work and bodywork designed to improve overall health, reduce stress and alleviate pain from chronic conditions. It is a natural form of healing that focuses on balancing the body, mind & spirit by:

  • Balancing the body’s core energy centres,
  • Releasing blocks to the free flow of energy in the body,
  • Stimulating the body’s innate intelligence and energetic blueprint,
  • Promoting healing and maintenance for for physical, emotional, mental & spiritual wellbeing.
  • Identifying blockages (eg: inflammation, heat, anger) which can create an opposite corresponding depletion of energy somewhere else in the body, such as cramping, coldness or pain.

Glenda applies the philosophy, principles & protocols of Polarity Therapy to her body therapy & energy healing.

Integrated Healing sessions are offered both as distant healing (by phone) or in-person (in our healing space near Coffs Harbour, NSW).

$125 for 75min session (longer sessions are also available for deep work around grief, trauma, stress and specific conditions).

Book a free 15min consult to discuss your specific needs with Glenda.

“The primary focus of the healing art is to assist the flow of life through stagnant & obstructed areas and tissues of the body which cause pain by re-establishing a free flow of the body’s energy currents”

Dr Randolph Stone

Glenda helps people create the life and health they want via Holistic Coaching, Integrated Energy Healing and Polarity Therapy.

Clients experience a shift in their focus & energy as well as a clarity & vitality to move forward in the direction they want.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Integrated Healing session focuses on the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspects of health & wellbeing. Holistic Coaching is incorporated into the session to facilitate a re-focus & re-balance of energy – supporting the body’s intelligence for healing & transformation.

Each session is personalised according to the client’s specific needs.

Personalised exercise is suggested for on-going self-healing & maintenance.

Energy Healing aims to benefit all the systems, organs, energetic fields, structure, & function of the body. It is ideal for people seeking a ‘tune-up’, ‘reboot’ or who want to shift stuck energy in order to restore equilibrium & get the body’s energy flowing again.

Glenda applies the philosophy, principles & protocols of Polarity Therapy to balance the body’s energy – affecting harmony & vitality.

Energy balancing encourages the body’s energy fields to flow in a positive direction to release blockages which may have contributed to physical, mental or emotional conditions.

Energy work can support the body’s intelligence for healing.

Yes, of course. Distant healing is offered as a 60min telephone consultation, which combines Energy Balancing, Integrative Healing and Holistic Coaching.

Distant healing accesses universal energies and taps into the energy field of the client.

These energies can be harnessed ‘remotely’ via techniques applied by the practitioner, to facilitate energy balancing & healing.

You will also be provided with some simple techniques you can do for your own self-healing/maintenance.

Energy healing accesses the body’s blueprint, reminding the body of its health potential to return to homeostasis, harmony & balance in a holistic way,  supporting overall health & wellbeing.

Personalised exercise can be suggested based on individual needs and abilities.

This varies according to what the person chooses to address – you may achieve what you want from a one-off session, 2 or 3 or on-going – it’s up to you!

I offer a free 15 min phone consultation for you to ask any questions to help you decide if this is right for you.

You don’t need to understand this modality or have any prior experience to benefit from these sessions. If you think this may help you: come as a ‘blank slate’ with an ‘open mind’ to be receptive to what arises for healing, or come with a specific purpose or focus – whatever works for you! Exercises suggested are according to individual needs/abilities.

This depends on you! The session aims to facilitate what YOU want to create for YOUR life or health. Even if you come with a specific request, the body’s intelligence responds to what you need at the time – according to what  is a priority for you. Transformation can occur after a healing session in areas that may surprise you!

When you make an enquiry, you will be asked what you want to gain from your appointment. You may be asked to complete a Client Information Form which will be emailed to you for you to complete and return. The information you provide will be used to develop a customised session/program for you.

The overall plan will be explained up-front at your first session, then it is up to you how you would like to proceed.

You remain fully clothed for the ‘hands-on’ energy-work. In-person sessions include Holistic Coaching, ‘hands-on’ energy work & healing as well as recommended exercise & stretches for on-going maintenance and self-healing.

This session is facilitated via the telephone, commencing with a relaxing centering exercise before deciding what you would like to focus on for the session. This becomes a shared intention for a holistic approach which combines holistic coaching & distant healing for emotional, physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing.

Once your intention has been explored, you will be invited to sit or lie in a comfortable position while the healing takes place. The therapist will call you back when complete, for feedback & insights gained during this the session.

Discuss your Healing needs with Glenda

What our clients say...

"Glenda is exceptional. I can only try to describe the experience of a healing session with the caveat that it could never do justice to what actually happens. But true healing is like that. Glenda establishes a personal connection and creates a safe environment. Then with a combination of confidence and empathy she meets the considerable tension that was held in my body. She works systematically and carefully to address my injury. We talk sometimes but mostly not. At the end of the session with physical tension released, I can move more freely. I have made progress and she has both facilitated and accompanied that. I have no hesitation to recommend her”.

C. Rose Sydney

“Glenda is fantastic and knowledgeable. I love her holistic approach and she makes you feel so comfortable and calm. I had days of pain and immobility in my shoulders, arms and neck. I didn’t know anything about polarity or bodywork, but Glenda came highly recommended so I booked in for a treatment. I’m very glad I did because the next day my mobility returned fully and I was pain-free the following day. Thank you! I’ll definitely see Glenda again”.

S. Alexander Coffs Coast

“Over the past years I have benefited from Glenda’s face to face healing and coaching sessions. Recently, living in Queensland, I haven’t been able to access face to face sessions, so when I had a fall and injured my knee, Glenda offered me a distant healing by phone. I didn’t quite understand how this would work. Glenda guided me through the session, and I found I benefited considerably. When I later suffered a vertigo attack, I quickly contacted Glenda for another remote healing session. She assisted me to re-balance and gave me exercises to hasten my recovery . I recommend her services to assist people with their healing, whether face to face or remotely.“

S. Bennett Brisbane

"After suffering with a persistent cough for many weeks that was remaining from a nasty chest infection, I visited Glenda and her amazing therapy quickly halted the cough. At the same time I had some personal turbulence happening and it was eating me up mentally. Glenda attended to this as well and much to my surprise, the stirring and re-telling of the story over and over in my head has stopped. Such peace now! Thank you Glenda."

G. Green Coffs Coast

“I experienced your gentle and steady focus, felt nurtured and cared for. I felt you held the space strongly enough for me to be fully present in whatever energies you were calling in.”

G. Stern Bellingen

"I've recently seen Glenda for three sessions. Not only does Glenda know her stuff, but she applies it in an instinctive and friendly way. She helped me to identify core issues and sent me away with some homework and tools to construct a healthier and happier life. The bodywork is brilliant! I left feeling lighter and brighter. Glenda really cares. I've been surprised (all three times) with the level and quality of preparation she does beforehand as well as what goes into the actual session. I look forward to implementing the exercises I've learnt and continuing to 'write a better story' for my life."

K. McL-W Coffs Coast

"'Highly intuitive' is the first phrase that comes to mind when I think about Glenda, along with 'thorough and well-prepared'. I've had the pleasure of her expert coaching and whole-hearted contribution to several personal/professional support groups over the past 15 years that we've known each other. I always leave our interactions feeling affirmed and energised, clearer about the past and what it's taught me, and more optimistic as I look to the future. I'm in awe of her ability to respectfully push the boundaries of what I think is possible, and I'm grateful for all of the times she has challenged me to embrace a bigger vision."

K. Huchendorf Coffs Coast