Bodysoul Energy Retreats

Bodysoul Energy Retreats are for anyone wanting to focus on their health & wellbeing in a concentrated individualised way

Currently, we are offering 3-5 days for 1-2 people – involving a morning exercise class as well as individual sessions of Coaching and Healing.

This is an excellent opportunity for transformation of body, soul & spirit.

Personalised packages & retreats

Bodysoul Energy offers a customised program for 1-2 people designed around what you want and need, with a combination of  Exercise Classes &  Individual Sessions over  3-5 days.

Enjoy the many benefits of our retreats:

  • Take a break: a focused time for you and your friend/partner to take a break and focus on your physical, mental & emotional wellbeing.

  • Move your body: the day starts with a 60min exercise class – alternating between Tai Chi & Qigong as well as Polarity Yoga.

  • Inspire your mind & energise your spirit: a 2-hour Integrated Body Therapy session – morning or afternoon – which combines the benefits of Energy Healing, Polarity Therapy & Holistic Coaching.

  • Indulge your senses: delicious food outlets (cafes, hotels, restaurants) are close by as well as personalised services, cinema, boutique & mainstream shops. The location also offers beautiful walks & swims in estuaries, oceans, headlands & pools – all in close proximity for recreation & relaxation.

  • Renew, invigorate & re-energise your body, mind & spirit with some techniques to practice when you return home.

Please note:  the Exercises we offer are gentle & suitable for Seniors (we too are Seniors!)


For a ‘Personalised Retreat of 1-2 people for 3-5 consecutive days, the price is $300 per person per day, with a max of 2 participants at any time.

You are free to arrange your own accommodation and food from the varied options in close proximity to our location. 

This ‘Mini-Retreat’ includes:

  • a 60min joint Exercise session in the morning – Polarity Yoga Exercise & Stretches or Tai Chi & Qigong 
  • a 2 hour individual Session – either Holistic Coaching or Integrated Body Therapy.

Retreat duration: 3 to 5 days

Location: Boambee Bay, Coffs Coast NSW – accessible by road, rail & air.

Nearest airport: Coffs Harbour (15min away from Retreat Space)

Nearest train station: Sawtell (5min away from Retreat Space)


 Book a free 15min consult to discuss your specific needs with Glenda & Martin.

We start the day with exercise to mobilise & energise the body:
Tai Chi & Qigong (for movement & energy flow) with Martin; or Polarity Yoga (for self-healing & maintenance) with Glenda.

During the day – Glenda offers personalised Holistic Coaching & Integrated Healing Sessions.

You will leave refreshed, energised & motivated to create what you want when you return home.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you make an enquiry, you will be asked what you want to gain from your retreat.

You may be asked to complete a Client Information Form which will be emailed to you for you to complete and return.

The information you provide will be used to develop a customised program for you.

The overall plan will be explained to you before the retreat.

Our Mini-Retreats provide a dedicated experience for a few days – combining exercise classes and coaching &/or energy-balancing & healing sessions.

We suggest 3-5 days for 1-2 people – personalised, for you to gain the most from this focussed opportunity, to continue your health & wellbeing journey, as you return to everyday life. 

Exercise classes happen each morning and Coaching/Healing sessions are offered morning or afternoon– allowing free time for recreation & relaxation.

Accomodation is not included in the retreat.

You are free to arrange your own food & accommodation from various options close by. The nearest is Boambee Bay Resort which is on the Boambee Bay Reserve & Estuary, and is conveniently located within walking distance of our retreat space. 

We offer exercise classes as part of our retreats: you can choose between Polarity Yoga &/or Tai Chi & Qigong.

When you book an individual Session with Glenda, you will also be given some guidance for specific exercises & stretches for on-going self-healing & maintenance, according to your needs.

You will have spare time available to enjoy some relaxation & recreation of your choice in the beautiful environs & local Sawtell village.

You will also find lots of beatiful places to discover in our region:

Polarity Yoga is a system of self-healing exercises, designed to release energy blocks in and around the body to balance the body’s energy centres, fields & pathways – promoting a healthy flow of oxygen, blood & cerebro-spinal fluid throughout the body.

What are the benefits of Polarity Yoga?

An Integrated Healing session focuses on the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspects of health & wellbeing. Holistic Coaching is incorporated into the session to facilitate a re-focus & re-balance of energy – supporting the body’s intelligence for healing & transformation.

Each session is personalised according to your specific needs.

Personalised exercise is suggested for on-going self-healing & maintenance.

More about Integrating Healing sessions

Holistic Coaching focuses on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your health & life-style.

It helps you clarify who you are, what you want, where you are, and what gets in the way of you achieving your ‘end results’.

Once you are clear, you will discover some simple steps to set you on the path of creating the life & health you want.

More about Holistic Coaching sessions

Tai Chi originated in ancient China, as an effective exercise for health and wellbeing. It is a series of gentle, graceful movements designed to exercise the body and clear the mind. This form of exercise is recognised as one of the most effective exercises for the health of mind and body.

The amazing benefits of Tai Chi

According to traditional Chinese medicine, Qi is energy or life force which circulates through the body enhancing health and vitality. Through practicing Qi Gong, you can learn to become calm, serene and present.

Qi Gong: an ideal practice for seniors

Plan your Retreat with Glenda

What our clients say...

“My 5 day wellness retreat with Glenda and Martin was truly a healing and enlightening experience. From Tai Chi, Polarity Yoga & specific strength exercises to mental and spiritual issues being addressed - gave me faith and confidence to move forward from a very dark place. I recommend this personally-tailored program to people experiencing depression, addiction, stress, lethargy, sadness or just to ‘rebalance’ and focus for one to move forward”.

M. Barltley Sydney

“Glenda and Martin brought their beautiful energy to the community on the happy islands of Vanuatu. I have heard and seen so much of the appreciation and shifts in energy of attendants to their yoga and Tai Chi classes, energetic workshops and healing sessions. You have inspired a lot people here for the better and a more conscious lifestyle. Thank you very much for coming and sharing with us”

Tu Pham Founder and Therapist of Ananda Yoga and Healing Center, Port Vila, Vanuatu

“I recently did a Mini Retreat with Glenda & Martin of Bodysoul Energy at Sawtell. It involved morning exercise sessions (Polarity Yoga, Qigong & Tai Chi) as well as daily treatments over 5 days. In addition, Glenda gave me specific exercise routines for my stiff knee problems which I have continued to practice. The improvement has been amazing – I can now stand up from both a kneeling or sitting position respectively - just like everyone else. I am so happy with the ongoing changes and highly recommend her tailored therapy”.

Margaret W. Sydney

“I experienced your gentle and steady focus, felt nurtured and cared for. I felt you held the space strongly enough for me to be fully present in whatever energies you were calling in.”

G. Stern Bellingen