“Gateways” – a creative collaboration

Both Carmen and I, have been artists for many years – in our own style, genre & mediums.

Although residing in different states, covid lockdowns provided the opportunity to come together to create art – something we had dreamed about for a long time.

This artwork is a collaboration of ‘aunt & niece’ – combining hearts, talents, inspiration & insight to produce ‘Gateways’ with the themes of spirituality, journey & awareness – none of which was planned yet emerged on the canvas, as we worked together.

Healing artwork

The process has been a healing and fun time for both of us. Once complete, we viewed the work through special 3D glasses, revealing multi-layered gateways including other aspects of the work, that indicated a deeper meaning which we immediately connected with.

Gateways to:

  • Life’s possibilities & opportunities
  • Hope
  • Creating the life we want for ourselves & others
  • Re-discovering our purpose & dreams
  • Uncovering internal & external layers
  • Other dimensions
  • Spirituality
  • The ‘unknown’ & life’s mysteries
  • Individual learning & growth
  • Self-love & acceptance
  • Connection with ourselves, others & the universe
  • Our truth & inner wisdom.

Already this painting has spoken to others, who have expressed various meanings.
All are welcome. We embrace the diversity and thank you for sharing your feedback with us.
May beauty & Insight continue to connect, inspire & heal us all.

With appreciation, love & gratitude,

Carmen Rowe
Instagram @art.by.carmenlee

Glenda Frances
Instagram @glenda.frances
FB @avcoffscoast

What our clients say...

“I experienced your gentle and steady focus, felt nurtured and cared for. I felt you held the space strongly enough for me to be fully present in whatever energies you were calling in.”

G. Stern Bellingen

“During the Body Intelligence treatment with Glenda, I experienced a remarkable shift in my state of being – from stress, to peace of mind and calmness. Her caring, wisdom and gentle application of a number of procedures allowed my body and mind to respond and return to balance with ease. Thank you Glenda, for bringing your unique gifts and application to this therapy”.

S. Bennett Brisbane

'Highly intuitive' is the first phrase that comes to mind when I think about Glenda, along with 'thorough and well-prepared'. I've had the pleasure of her expert coaching and whole-hearted contribution to several personal/professional support groups over the past 15 years that we've known each other. I always leave our interactions feeling affirmed and energised, clearer about the past and what it's taught me, and more optimistic as I look to the future. I'm in awe of her ability to respectfully push the boundaries of what I think is possible, and I'm grateful for all of the times she has challenged me to embrace a bigger vision."

K. Huchendorf Coffs Coast